It penetrates so that the skin totally absorbs it in.
[Dry fine wrinkles/around the eye/around the lips/around the nasolabial fold]
For younger looking skin by proteoglycan infusion, to a beautiful looking skin with moisture.
The skin which is apt to dry with age. Because the decrease in
female sex hormone occur at the same time, sebum and moisture
skin level decreases and are in an easy condition to be dry. In addition,
because drying advances, moisture reduces on skin and causes wrinkles
on the forehead and around the eye and sagging of the skin.
The deep double moist mask combines 3 kinds of placenta,
2 kinds of collagen, 2 kinds of hyaluronic acids.
In addition,
would like to have extra attention that, extracellular matrix and
combines naturally derived ingredient"proteoglycan"keeping tension
and moisture of the skin.
There is a humidity retention power of 130% of hyaluronic acids and
draws out fresh and young tension and takes the skin with the elasticity
and from the inside by keeping moisture of the skin for a long time.
Will not let go of moisture!
Accumulate moisture 130%
more than hyaluronic acid
The power to accumulate is the power to produce firmness. When moisture retention of proteoglycan penetrated skin is measured, it is 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid! By supplementing the skin with proteoglycans as a beauty solution, we can increase proteoglycans on our skin originally, and it will support to keep your skin moist.
Proteoglycans originally exist in every part of our body, such as our skin, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, etc. It is a component that works like "moisturizing skin" and "creating new cells". Our human skin is divided into two layers, "epidermis" and "dermis", and proteoglycans are components that are mainly active in the dermis.
Proteoglycan is located between collagen fibers to store moisture and nutrients, it plays a role of water bag to give elasticity and tension to the skin. If we compare our skin to the wall of the house, collagen is the steel frame that becomes the pillar, proteoglycan plays the role of connecting each pillar together. Because there is proteoglycan, collagen can keep state with great firmness.

The organic cotton is an organic farm product
method according to its standard. It is a raw
cotton which is protected by strict standard use of
pesticide and manure used for cultivation after
practice of organic production with more than 2-3
years by approved farmland in the certification
organization, which the cotton is grown.
Using genuine rose water extracted from damask rose petals by steam distillation method. High quality make-up remover and face wash in one.

Damask rose flower oil and rose hip fruit (Rosa canina) oil blended. Such as Nobel Prize Award component "fullerene" and various beauty ingredients to make skin feel transparent.

[Essence liquid]
Purified water not used. ​Damask Rose 99% of beauty ingredients in this bottle.

Lavishly with the power of damask rose and plenty of versatile beauty ingredients for skin. To a rich moisture-filled fresh skin.

Extreme Whitening + Brightening Mask

New placenta manufacturing method from Richpla Labo. ​True additive free 100% undiluted solution.

To a one rank higher beautiful skin Moisture mask

Enzyme of Life
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme.

Enzyme of Life Jelly
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​​​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme. Approximately 10 ml of the enzyme of life liquid is in one stick