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New placenta manufacturing method from Richpla Labo series. Renewed with increased quantity of [Stock Solution] highly-concentrated high pressure aging liquid cosmetic.
The placenta applies an active ingredient extracted from the placenta for internal use by injection or applied to skin for treatment of various diseases. The placenta multiplies a cell to 60,000,000,000,000-70,000,000,000,000 cells from one fertilized egg in approximately ten months to form fetus organs. In the process that a fetus cell multiplies, compose various cell growth factors, and the placenta secretes it. It came to be known that the ingredient extracted from this placenta was effective in regulating cell division. Therefore, placenta inflecting as a beauty component can expect the improvement of the reproducing power of the skin, encouragement of the blood circulation, an effect such as the improvement of the hormone balance.
Manufacturing method are different. Therefore the "Product" are different from the others.
Richpla Labo series Stock Solution's biggest characteristics are"Proteolysis with a unique hydrolysis pod", "Super high-pressure extraction", "High pressure aging"By these new manufacturing process, it makes atomization and aging to the ultimate.
The Richpla Labo Series Stock Solution have abundant amino acids necessary to keep beautiful skin, and other vitamins, a lot of beauty ingredients and minerals are included. And, by the atomization of the new manufacturing method, aging care supports the necessary skin which have decreased, and can keep the bare skin which rose and the fresh, young bright lively skin for a long time. In addition, the Stock Solution is splendid on removing the active oxygen which is the cause of creating melanin in large numbers. And because it quickens the metabolism, the new epidermis is made and smoothens the process (turnover) of old epidermis falling off from the surface of the skin.
Anyone recognizes it now so that it is not necessary to talk a lot about a placenta, as for the use, cosmetics as a start, pharmaceutical, health foods growth rate are skyrocketing and as for history of Japan currently horse is common at present, cow, pig and person placenta are used. This Stock Solution is new unique manufacturing method, it is highly concentrated and highly pressured same as 10,000 meters bottom of the sea which makes it high density compared to the normal placenta particles providing speed penetration to the skin. Also, completely additive-free and 100% undiluted solution so it may have some smell peculiar to placenta. Recommended users will knowledge of placenta and have intention for the "real placenta".
※Please keep it in a refrigerator to keep the product quality.
Using genuine rose water extracted from damask rose petals by steam distillation method. High quality make-up remover and face wash in one.

Damask rose flower oil and rose hip fruit (Rosa canina) oil blended. Such as Nobel Prize Award component "fullerene" and various beauty ingredients to make skin feel transparent.

[Essence liquid]
Purified water not used. ​Damask Rose 99% of beauty ingredients in this bottle.

Lavishly with the power of damask rose and plenty of versatile beauty ingredients for skin. To a rich moisture-filled fresh skin.

Extreme Whitening + Brightening Mask

New placenta manufacturing method from Richpla Labo. ​True additive free 100% undiluted solution.

To a one rank higher beautiful skin Moisture mask

Enzyme of Life
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme.

Enzyme of Life Jelly
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​​​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme. Approximately 10 ml of the enzyme of life liquid is in one stick