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Lavishly with the power of damask rose and plenty
of versatile beauty ingredients for your skin.
It is an essence that does not use purified water at all, using genuine rose water extracted by steam distillation method and the damask rose petal with plenty of nature's blessings are freshly picked in the morning. The rose water, which is filled with a fragrant rose scent and beautiful skin ingredients, includes a relaxation effect due to scents, Roses have sterilization, antibacterial, sedative action, moisturizing action and so on. In addition, it is blended with a variety of beauty ingredients other than roses, and you can expect effects such as whitening, firmness and skin tone. Draws out the power which encourages to become beautiful skin itself by beauty skin ingredients. And it brings moisture and elasticity and gloss to the skin as well as the mind.
Damask rose has flowers blooming from late May to early June, only about 20 days in a year for flowers to bloom. Also, compared with other roses the Damask rose is said that it is [Queen of roses] because fragrance is very good. It is also said that it is very expensive.
【Anti-inflammatory effect】
Rosewater, which has long been used as a after sunburn lotion in Bulgaria, has a high anti-inflammatory effect. It is suitable for inflamed skin such as sunburn, spots and acne.
【Antioxidant effect】

Rose also contains polyphenols, so it also has a high antioxidant effect.
【Promotion of blood circulation, activation of skin】
It is said that Rose can be expected to have effects such as blood circulation promotion action, skin activation action, and firmness. Together with antioxidant action, many organic cosmetic brands, Rose is often used for aging care line.
【Balance the balance of sebum secretion】

Rose is supposed to balance the sebum secretion, rose water is also recommended for acne and pimples.
Will not let go of moisture!
Accumulate moisture 130%
more than hyaluronic acid
The power to accumulate is the power to produce firmness. When moisture retention of proteoglycan penetrated skin is measured, it is 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid! By supplementing the skin with proteoglycans as a beauty solution, we can increase proteoglycans on our skin originally, and it will support to keep your skin moist.
Proteoglycans originally exist in every part of our body, such as our skin, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, etc. It is a component that works like "moisturizing skin" and "creating new cells". Our human skin is divided into two layers, "epidermis" and "dermis", and proteoglycans are components that are mainly active in the dermis.
Proteoglycan is located between collagen fibers to store moisture and nutrients, it plays a role of water bag to give elasticity and tension to the skin. If we compare our skin to the wall of the house, collagen is the steel frame that becomes the pillar, proteoglycan plays the role of connecting each pillar together. Because there is proteoglycan, collagen can keep state with great firmness.

Through its own distillation and aging method, "Damask rose" containing cosmetic ingredients, which is about three times normal, penetrates penetratingly into the skin's corners. In addition, hyaluronic acid, collagen, placenta inside the skin fill moisture and elasticity. Moreover, by the cosmetic ingredient of the growth factor, a film of moisture is formed. It protects the skin from drying and stimulation.
Using genuine rose water extracted from damask rose petals by steam distillation method. High quality make-up remover and face wash in one.

Damask rose flower oil and rose hip fruit (Rosa canina) oil blended. Such as Nobel Prize Award component "fullerene" and various beauty ingredients to make skin feel transparent.

[Essence liquid]
Purified water not used. ​Damask Rose 99% of beauty ingredients in this bottle.

Lavishly with the power of damask rose and plenty of versatile beauty ingredients for skin. To a rich moisture-filled fresh skin.

Extreme Whitening + Brightening Mask

New placenta manufacturing method from Richpla Labo. ​True additive free 100% undiluted solution.

To a one rank higher beautiful skin Moisture mask

Enzyme of Life
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme.

Enzyme of Life Jelly
100% Pure Vegetable, Fruit and plant extract. ​​​Become beautiful from the inside of the body with the power of the enzyme. Approximately 10 ml of the enzyme of life liquid is in one stick